Natural handmade soap DIY learning lessons

What will you learn?

Differences between a normal soap & a handmade soap?soap3

What is the process of handmade soap?

Where did the colour of the soap came from?

Where did the fragrance of the soap come from?

Is the handmade soap suitable for face cleaning?

Is the transparent type of soap a better soap?

Lesson fee: RM200 (for 2 DIY lessons) including all learning materialssoap8

Lesson 1: Fundamental class (DIY eco-friendly house work soap)

Lesson 2: Advance class (DIY all natural ingredients bath-use soap)

Student will bring home:

500gm of recycle cooking oil soap (for house cleaning uses) &

500gm of all natural ingredients soap (for body care uses)

2 Responses to Natural handmade soap DIY learning lessons

  1. Osama Adeeb says:

    i don’t know if i can learn how to make natural handmade soap?
    i hope

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