Yoga Hatha for Good Health

Yoga is one of the six Indian philosophies, all of which guides the aspirant on the yoga

Yoga Hatha

Yoga is the science of right living. Hatha yoga is mainly the practise of asanas (Physical postures) and pranayama (Breathing techniques). For most people yoga is simply a means of maintaining health and well being. And yoga along with the physical benefits, if practised regularly, brings along mental peace and calmness.

That is why yoga is probably the only exercise form (if one may call yoga that!) which brings about mental peace and calmness along with the physical asanas. Working on the yoga matholistic principles of harmony and unification, yoga gives direct and tangible benefits to everyone regardless of caste, creed, religion or spiritual aims.

The Instructor

Ms Lee is a RYT200 Yoga Alliance and Radiant Child certified teacher.  She teaches Hatha & Vinyasa classes to adults and Corporates, as well as Kids Yoga.  Her classes are a balance between strength and flexibility, as she shares the positive effects of yoga with others.

Investment: RM120 / month, 1 hour / week

Tuesday 10.15-11.15am or Tuesday 7-8pm  (please let us know if the time is not suitable)



Yoga Nidra for Good Sleep

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a traditional method of deep relaxation.  It literally means “yogic sleep” and it may be described as a state of deep sleep with full awareness.

Where does it come from?

Yoga Nidra originates from India.  For millennia the Yogis have used Yoga Nidra as a source of strength and inspiration.

What are the benefits of Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra leads to complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation and regeneration.  Sustaining a regular practise for some time will make you overall feel more relaxed and confident.

Yoga Nidra enhances the self-healing capacity of the body and once accustomed to the practise it may be utilised to counteract migraine, headaches and other stress-related aches and pains. 

Experience shows that in just about 40 minutes of practise, this unique yogic relaxation technique gives you the benefits of a few hours of actual deep sleep.

Must I be fit to practise Yoga Nidra?

No.  Yoga Nidra can be practised by anyone and physical fitness is irrelevant.  However, you must be able to lie still on the back for about 40 minutes.

What do I need to observe when practising Yoga Nidra?

Regular practice is of utmost importance, especially in the beginning.  Find a quiet place, lie on a mat and, if necessary, cover yourself with a shawl or blanket.  Switch off your telephone and ask your family members not to disturb you for about 40 minutes.

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