Creative dance / creative movement

What is Creative Dance?

Creative Dance is a unique form to express our innermost feeling, thoughts and ideas through rhythmic movement. The goal is to communicate/ learn through movement. It consists solely of imitating nature or dancing stories or an activity.creative-dance

Why Creative Dance/ Creative Movement?

· Joyful way to explore movement through music, develop physical skill, channel energy, stimulate imagination, promote creativity.

· Develop creative capacities and learn to relate openly and cooperatively with others through the emotional, mental and physical demands of dance.

· Require student to inquire, think, sense, observe, feel, invent, respond and to evaluate.

· Reach three domains of learning: psychomotor (nonlocomotor, locomotor movement), cognitive (critical thinking, problem solving) , affective (attitude, social, emotional learning) and developing multiple intelligences.


· Creating an overall education by understanding the culture and heritage of self and others.

· Built a positive self-concept, gain confident.

· Discover a great deal about their bodies, minds, language, thoughts, imagination and idea.

· Learning problem solving skill.

· Learn cooperation by working together as a group.

· Developing awareness of and respect for others.

· Learning to concentrate and focus attention.

· Gain physical strength, flexibility and stamina.

· Develop good posture, balance and coordination through dance exercise.

· Learn basic dance skill: Ballet, Jazz, Latin, Modern, etc.

What Do We Do In Class?


Gathering movement, learn some folk dance includes Malaysia, Greek, USA, Denmark, England.

BrainDance (

BrainDance is based on the developmental movement pattern human beings move through in the 1st year of the life to wire the central nervous system so that the brain can operate at its full potential. Help in reorganization of the neurological system, increased blood and oxygen flow to the respiratory system and brain, enhanced core support, connectivity and alignment.

Exploring Dance Concepts

Exploring Elements of dance: Body, Time, Space, Force, Flow. Fundamental movement: locomotor, nonlocomotor, even rhythmic patterns, uneven rhythmic patterns.

Dance Technique

Learn some basic dance technique: Ballet, Jazz, modern dance technique to enrich the body language.


Students learn to work in team/ group, respect and sharing idea among themselves. Develop unity as well as learn cooperation.


Increase student imagination, creativity by enhance them creating their own works.




DANCE is basic education.

DANCE reinforce all learning.

DANCE provide an alternative to the usual modes of education.

DANCE stimulates creative potential.

DANCE promotes self and social awareness in an all involving way.

DANCE serves the interests of good health.

DANCE internalizes an understanding of and appreciation for one’s own culture and the cultures of other peoples

Flower, Charles. (1977). Dance as Education. Reston, VA: National Dance Association/ American Association for Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Investment: RM360 per term / 3 months + 1 month deposit (1 month notice)

Time: every Thursday 3-4pm or 4-5pm

Age: 4-12 years old


Instructor: Ms Lim graduated with Honors in Performing Arts (dance) from University Malaya.  Her specialization is Contemporary Dance, Children Creative Dance, Malay (Classical for Dance), Basic Jazz and Ballroom, Dance Conditioning and Anatomy.  She also has Ballet (grade 8).

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