Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is one of the fastest growing areas of interest within the dramatic arts. The Trinity Guildhall syllabus recognises this and supports development in musical theatre training internationally. The Trinity Guildhall Musical Theatre Syllabus integrates well with other programmes and examinations in performance.

Grade examinations in Musical Theatre are available for solo, pair, and group work. The three disciplines that are examined in these syllabuses are singing, acting, and movement but, as is the nature of musical theatre, candidates need to demonstrate their ability in these skills through integrative performance. At all levels the syllabus offers a wide choice for selection of performance material which may include material from the candidate’s own country or culture.

There are many positive benefits in participating in musical theatre:

Confidence Building:
In our classes, through voice and body, children learn how to express themselves effectively. Singing, dancing and drama promote imagination and creativity as well as enhancing self expression, self esteem and confidence. School children of all ages and later, adults, are always required to present and perform. Whatever their future responsibility may be, our students can be rehearsing for it now, whilst enjoying themselves. Shy children greatly benefit from our classes as focus is placed on gaining confidence and independence and unearthing their unique talent. More confident, outgoing children learn additional stage and life skills. Students step happily out of classes feeling a greater sense of personal achievement.

The learning environment is entertaining and fun, nurturing, inspiring and positive. Our teachers promote and enhance individual creativity and imagination and each child is made to feel special. The contribution of each child is encouraged and valued. Dreaming, then discovering, challenging, growing and believing in themselves allows a child to feel uplifted, confident and pleased with themselves.

Our classes motivate enthusiastic participation. They encourage social interaction, teamwork, and cooperation. Children are encouraged to listen attentively and learn to work well in a disciplined group with respect for teachers and other students of similar ages. Whilst involved in something they love being a part of, watch your child interact and flourish with their new friends.

Musical appreciation:
Furthermore, the performing arts have lifelong benefits and provide a richer life tapestry. Musical theatre offers the young person a love of the arts and a broadening of their musical appreciation. They are given many avenues to explore their artistic potential and express themselves.

Drama classes consist of just acting and movement, reading from scripts and characterization. A musical theatre class consists of acting, singing, and dancing. Musical Theatre is definitely more music inclined compared to drama. Some movies such as Oliver, Annie, and the Wizard of Oz were made into musicals where singing and dancing are necessary. A drama class will not involve singing and dancing. Famous musicals like the High School Musical, GLEE on StarTV and Broadway musicals all include combining singing, dancing and acting skills.

In Musical Theatre, students learn vocals (singing) as well as simple choreography. Acting skills and movement will also be a part of the class. The uniqueness of the Musical Theatre is that it combines all three skills, making it more engrossing, exciting and also more demanding. With the success of HSM and GLEE, many are aware that there is a demand for actors to be able to sing and dance as well. Examples include films starring Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep in Mama Mia, Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge, Judi Dench and Kate Hudson in NINE and Katherine Zeta Jones, Richard Gere and Renee Zellwenger in Chicago. These films are all academy award nominees where actors were required to not only act, but sing and dance also.

Date: Sunday

Time: 12 noon-1pm

Fee: RM150 / month,  1 hour per class 

Age: 6-11 years old

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