Musikgarten (trial class available for a fee)


What is Musikgarten?

  • children’s music programme from USA for babies, toddlers and children MG_Logo_TM_Crop
  • group class: maximum 10 children per class
  • backed by over 30 years of research and practice
  • nurtures brain, social, emotional, physical and creative development
  • builds a strong foundation for your child before learning piano, violin or other music instruments



Family music for babies (for babies from birth to 16 months old with parents)


  • group class for parents to attend with their babies
  • parents will learn activities that will help them to bond and play musically with their babies and stimulate the development of the babies’ left brain through music

Investment: RM300 per term (1 term = 3 months) + 1 month deposit (1 month notice) / 3o minutes each class

Family packs (compulsory): RM180 / RM145

2 separate packs, one pack for each semester.  Pack 1 consists of a Parent Book, a CD, simple instruments and a Cloth Bag.  Pack 2 consists of a Parent Book and a CD.

Time: Wednesday 10.30-11am


Family music for toddlers (for children 16 months to 4 years old with parents)


  • parents & children will participate together in fun musical activities that foster bonding as well as enhance the children’s total development ie physical, intellectual, language, musical, confidence, self esteem, creativity and social skills
  • activities in the class include singing, chanting, moving, dancing, focused listening, rocking, bouncing and playing development appropriate instruments.  Theses activities lay the basic foundation for learning music.

Investment: RM300 per term (1 term = 3 months) + 1 month deposit (1 month notice) / 30 minutes each class

Family packs (compulsory): RM120 / RM140

4 separate packs, one pack for each semester.  Each pack consists of a Parent Book, a CD, simple instruments and a Cloth Bag.

 Time: Wednesday 11.15-11.45am or Saturday 2-2.30pm


Cycle of seasons (f0r children 4 to 6 years old)


  • children to attend independently.  parents are invited to participate in the class during the last 10 to 15 minutes (parents sharing time)
  • children will experience activities that promote enhance language, socio-emotional, physical, creative & musical development
  • activities in the class include singing, chanting, dancing, musical games, ensemble work, story telling, dramatisation and movement with specially recorded music
  • focused listening activities are included to develop/enhance the children’s power of concentration, increase their attention span and to develop the ability to identify & discriminate the sounds / music they listen to
  • children will learn basic musical concepts in a systematic and sequential way, thus building a strong musical foundation
  • children will learn music like a language through rhythm patterns (Gordon Rhythm Language) & Tonal Patterns (SOLFEGE).

Investment: RM360 per term (1 term = 3 months) + 1 month deposit (1 month notice) / 45 minutes each class

Family packs (compulsory): RM115 / RM165

3 separate packs, one pack for each semester.  Pack 1&2 each consists of a Parent Book, Picture Cards, 2 CDs and a Cloth Pouch while Pack 3 consists of a Parent Book, Picture Cards, a CD an a Cloth Pouch.

Time: Wednesday 12-12.45pm or Saturday 2.45-3.30pm

Why Musikgarten?

The Plan

Musikgarten is a PRE-INSTRUMENTAL programme.  It offers a comprehensive, sequential plan for the musical development of your child from birth to age 9.  Each of our courses stands on its own and fits the development and needs of the child.  Class time is educational, fun and purposeful.

The Teacher

Your Musikgarten Teacher is a highly trained professional with classroom and field experience in early childhood music education and child development.

The Curriculum

Musikgarten’s courses are based on meeting the developmental needs of children as they grow.  Favourite songs, stories and dances are reinvested throughout – building on what each child has mastered and enjoyed – making successful learning easier.

Family packs for reinforcement of learning at home

It is for the bonding and fun of music with your child at home.

The teacher 1:

Ms Vivian Sow has Grade 8 in Piano from London College of Music.  She teaches piano lessons and she has 6 year experience in pre-school teaching.  She is a certified Musikgarten instructor.


The teacher 2:

Ms Peggy Tan is a Piano teacher for 20 years & Musikgarten teacher for 10 years.


Put some musical magic in your celebrations! We’ll bring Musicgarten to you and make your party one to remember. Musically engaging and unique celebrations for every age group.

Musical celebrations featuring dance and movement, singing, percussion instruments, musical storytelling, puppets, props, and more!

Drum circles and drumming that brings all ages together!

Interactive baby and tot birthday parties, with parent participation, to make the party fun for everyone.

Music activities – such as instrument playing, dancing, musical games, and stories – guided by our highly qualified teachers.


Parent testimony:

Ms. Jassica sends her daughter Camila, 18 months old , to a TODDLERS class and this is
what she has to say:  It has only been a month since we joined the classes and already I could see improvements. She pays attention in class and respond to the musical activities.
My daughter starts to repeat what the teacher has taught in class. Now, she is showing more focus and attention to music which is good for her development.

Mrs. Lee takes her daughter Phoebe, 1 year 9 months old, to a TODDLERS’ class and
her comments are:  This is a very good program to train the children in their auditory (listening) senses.  I am very happy that Phoebe started to love music after attending this program.  For home practice, the Musikgarten CD will always be on and I did play some simple games and instruments with Phoebe (based on what we’ve learnt in class). I like to do things together with my child.

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