The Power of Colour


COLOURS play an important part in our lives. Colours travel through our eyes to our brain, causing physical reactions in our bodies.
Colours can stimulate our nervous system, alter emotional states and affect hormonal release. Today, we will look at the properties of different colours and how we can use colours in our daily life.

Red The colour red corresponds to the first chakra, the area at the base of the spine. Our natural survival instinct is represented by red, which energises the physical body. Red drives us to respond and act in an assertive manner. Red stimulates the heart and also the appetite. Restaurants use red in their decor because it encourages people to eat more. Red relates to will, power and direct action. Red is a “doing” colour so you can use it to get a job done as it supplies the energy and motivation necessary to accomplish goals. Courage, health, vigour, sexuality, sexual love, danger and strength are other qualities closely associated with the colour red. Red assists people overcome inertia, depression, fear and loneliness. Red aids those who are afraid of life and are inclined to look for ways to escape reality. It keeps one grounded and rooted in the present moment.

Orange The colour orange corresponds to the second chakra, located three inches below the navel. Orange symbolises optimism, confidence, change, self-motivation and enthusiasm. This warm and energising colour represents our need for social acceptance. People whose favourite colour is orange tend to be ambitious, expansive, warm and optimistic, with an inclination towards humanitarian affairs. Orange is a social ray and it stimulates the inner knowing that we are all one. It helps us to bring our consciousness up a notch, to rise above the self. Orange drives us to seek fellowship and to find ourselves by connecting to other people. Orange is associated with a new dawn in attitude.

Yellow is connected to the intellect and corresponds to the third chakra, located at the solar plexus. The energy of the yellow ray stimulates your logical, linear thinking processes and relates to the left brain. It helps you respond to situations with discipline, active intelligence, organisation, attention to detail and sincerity. Yellow offers heightened expression and freedom which translates into joie de vivre.

If your favourite colour is yellow, you may require a logical framework before you can understand things. You often have the need to know the “what” and “where”. You are highly creative and seek expression in art and through communication. Yellow helps us to understand the larger scope in life. It stimulates the need to live in an orderly world and to express our individuality. Yellow is extremely healing for judgmental, verbally aggressive and critical individuals. It increases flexibility and adaptability to change. Green Green corresponds to the heart chakra. It is the balance between the warm extroverted spectrum of red, orange and yellow and the cool, introverted colours of blue, indigo and violet. Green establishes an inner stability, stimulating feelings of security, love, harmony, hope, growth and healing. People who are attracted to the colour green are usually generous, open-hearted and nurturing.

Green also symbolises the abundance we see in nature. It heals doubt and insecurity. By meditating on the purity of the colour green, we can connect to our true, expansive and compassionate nature. When our hearts are open and aligned with the love of the universe, we learn to live without attachments or conditions. We flow smoothly with life without any resistance.

Blue  is conceptual and relates to the throat chakra. Blue stimulates you to seek inner truth and to live out your ideals. It boosts spiritual security and the desire for inner understanding. It represents inspiration, creativity, faith and devotion. Blue is an ideal colour for waiting rooms because it makes time flow quickly. The colour blue is good for people who act compulsively without stopping to think. It liberates those have rigid belief patterns and who are resistant to change. The blue ray has the ability to combine separate elements into a complete whole.

The saying “true blue” means loyal and unwavering in one’s opinion or support for a cause. True blue sincerity manifests in all our relationships. When we are sincere with ourselves, we can be sincere with others. 

Purple is associated with the third eye chakra and intuition. The colour purple sparks off the need to feel at one with the universe, have harmonious relationships and be in the forefront of human development. A person whose favourite colour is purple is usually abstract, inspired and able to tune in to the other people’s thoughts and feelings easily. Purple activates our spiritual perspective and psychic awareness.

White relates to the crown chakra, located at the top of our heads. Its vibrations are the fastest and have the highest frequency in the colour spectrum. It inspires us to have divine realisation, humility and creative imagination. White is purifying and encompasses all colours. The colour white has the power to transform the focus of the imagination. It is very useful for people who daydream or have trouble manifesting things in life. It leads us toward higher spiritual attunement and divine love. People who are attracted to the colour white have a deep sense of wonder, bliss and self-surrender. Its energy heals people with a negative self-image and assists with their transformation.

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