ukulele / drum sale


Amina concert ukulele (laminated wood) selling price RM500 (exclude shipping)


Fluke Tenor Electric (good pickup, aquila string), selling price RM1500 with gig bag (exclude shipping)


Tenor ukulele (Pono ukulele), with mother of pearl, solid wood (acoume), ebong fret board, ebong tuning beg, worth string, abolone rosette, selling price RM1500 (exclude shipping)


Fluke Tenor from USA (laminated Australian hoop pine, injection molded thermoplastic), selling price RM850 with a bag (exclude shipping)


Clip Tuner – It is a portable clip tuner with a 3 color backlit. (flat: orange, sharp: red, in tune: green); LCD, it can be rotated in differents angles. 

Specification: tolerance +-3 cents, tuning range A0-C8 (27.5Hz-4186Hz)

selling price: RM50 (exclude shipping)

hand drum

hand drum 10”

selling price: RM40 (exclude shipping)

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